Wenzhou Nanya Automobile Accessories Co.,Ltd

[Zhejiang China (Mainland) ]

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Wenzhou Nanya automobile accessories Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a leading manufacturer that specializes in various spun pulleys applied for transmission machinery.
 Our spun pulleys are made of steel plate by spin. It has more advantages than cast pulley in lighter weight, less material, more beautiful shape and lower price. It is the substitute product of traditional cast pulleys. It is more than 10 years that has been applying in China. Now spun pulleys are applying popular for auto crankshaft pulleys, water pump pulleys, fan pulleys, steering pump pulleys, dynamotor pulleys, air-conditioner pulleys, tensioners and guiding pulleys etc. It also applys for mower, tractor, reaper, sartorius, washing machine.
 The spun pulleys made in our company is more in variety and good in quality. The crankshaft multi-V pulley, the crankshaft shock absorbing pulley and the crankshaft assembled pulley made by us recently are higher in technology. It is in front of other corporations in China. Our company is also making whole spun pulleys for engines. Major domestic and oversea users are leading car makers, engine companies, alternator factories, steering pump works, water pump factories and mower plants.
 There are many excellent engineers and managers in our company. The technology design of products is all by CAD and CAM, the manage in workshop works per "5S" requirement strictly, improving quality according to "PDCA" procedure.
 We welcome every old and new customer sincerely to our company to have a look or do business with us!