Schrodinger Audio Confield Technology Limited

[Guangdong China (Mainland) ]

  • 3rd
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Main Products:
Audio, Vacuum Tube Amplifier, Nixie Clock, Bluetooth Audio, Desktop Audio Amplifier,<br /> Bluetooth Speaker, DAC Vacuum Tube Amplifier, Hifi

Product Showcase

  • Nixie Tube Table & Desk Clock
  • Stereo Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier with Build in Bluetooth CFA135B-S3-B
  • Vacuum Tube Amplifier with FM Radio and Bluetooth, CFA153B-S1-BR
  • 6L6 Compact Vacuum Tube Bluetooth Amplifier
  • Bluetooth Tube Amplifier set, with wood box speakers CFA153D-B-S139B, CFA153D-S1-B-S139B
  • Wooden Case Nixie Clock
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Mr. Lau Chun Fai