Qingdao Mini Paper Tube Packaging Co., Ltd.

[Shandong China (Mainland) ]

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Company Description

MINI Paper Tube Factory is a production-oriented enterprise specialized in designing and producing high-end cosmetic paper tubes, tea spice paper tubes, diploma paper tubes, mini toy paper tubes and other high-end paper tube packaging.
Paper tube packaging is widely used in dried fruits, seasoning food, stationery, toys, exquisite gifts, wine packaging, pesticides, chemical industry and many other industries.
We have a fully automatic paper tube production line with a daily output of up to 60,000. this efficient production capacity is because we have advanced high-speed automated production lines!
Our policy is: lead the paper tube packaging industry to realize intelligent automatic production mode; continue to develop and launch more practical and environmentally friendly paper tube products.
Our goal is: to apply intelligence to all aspects of paper tube production, through continuous improvement, to create excellent high-speed automatic paper tube production lines, and ultimately achieve unmanned production!
Welcome to visit MINI Paper Tube Factory! Production capacity, product quality, Enterprise culture, we are all eager to provide an impressive solution for your product packaging!