Zhu Zhou Summit New Material Co., Ltd.

[Hunan China (Mainland) ]

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North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Eastern Asia, Western Europe

Company Description

Zhu Zhou Summit New Material Co. Ltd. was established in 1999. We built up a unit of 50 t/a sintered NdFeB magnets, We mainly produce ring magnets and arc segments. It is one of the earliest manufacturer of ring magnets of Od160XId 100mm. In 2002, we expanded the production capacity to 300t/a sintered NdFeB magnets, in 2004, we finished the unit to 500 t/a sintered NdFeb magnets and 30 t/a sintered SmCo magnets. As mass production and innovation processing technology, we can provide all dimension of magnets with competitive price,. Since 1999, our company earned of good reputation from Customers as quality products, good service, mutual benefit.

We have developed complicatedt shape of NdFeB magnets for customers, we produced ring magnets up to OD 200mm, 6"X4"X1.5" big block magnets, twist angle arc segments for windpower generators, sphere magnets to diameter 3mm — 50mm, micro tube magnets of OD2.6xID 1.6mm and Hallbach magnets.

Also we assemble magnetic equipment according to customers' design, such as Hallbach magnetic ring, grate magnetic bar, magnetic lifter, magnetic support, magnetic sealing coupler, magnetic coupler and so on. Since 2006 we have developed magnetic levitation Vehicle technology together with famous State DefenseUniversity in China.

We provide magnets with Zn, Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni-Tin, Ni-epoxy, Ni-Gold, and chemical Ni coating, The highest grade of Nd magnets is N52, N 45H N40UH. Our products are applied in loudspeaker, headphone, microphone, DC motor, servo motor, synchronous motor, wind power alternator, magnetic separator, magnetic force unit, and RMI. Our customers cover Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Tailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland.

Our customers benefit with more customizable products, shortest possible lead time and cost efficiencies! Our customers will acquire stable consistent quality products and better services to make great progress continuously.

Warmly welcome to enquiry on price and sample magnets, we'll submit our offer in 24 hours.