Chengdu New Kaijiang Printing Co.

[Sichuan China (Mainland) ]

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Company Description

Chengdu New Kaijiang Printing Co., Ltd. Is a printing enterprise mainly engaged in printing color leaflets, medium and high-grade brochures, color stickers and paper handbags. Printing equipment: Heidelberg folio machine 4 sets, Japan Komori four-color full open 1 set, Heidelberg 6 open printing machine 1 set, double open Rugao opposite to open 2 sets, 08 machine monochrome folio machine 2 sets; post-production equipment: glue wrapping machine 2 sets, Japan good use of glue stapling dragon (18 with) 1 set, Japan good use of riding stapling dragon 1 set, sticky page machine 1 set, glue locking line 2 sets of riding horse stapling 2 sets of folding machine 6 sets, automatic ripping machine 1 set. 3 sets of automatic laminating machine, several sets of program-controlled machine knife, 6 sets of die-cutting machine, 2 sets of hot stamping machine, 2 sets of coding machine, 1 set of automatic creasing machine. the company has a group of professional design, production, construction and technical personnel to build a brand for customers, but also focus on the integrity of professional service quality for the company to establish a good corporate image.